Are Your Dreams Dead?

Do you remember when you were a kid and had all sorts of dreams that said would try to achieve. In those times, everything was possible. We used our imagination to the fullest, we would come up with different types of games, different scenarios about many things that we used to imagine. Those were the days, wouldn’t you agree? Nothing was impossible; what happened to those dreams? Oh yea, I forgot, we sort of grew up and the perceived reality hit us square in the face, and we abandoned, everything that had thought about in our childhood. Why??? Do you know?

The truth is that most of us go through the same process; bills start coming up and somehow we decided that it was more important to take care of those bills the best way we could, and forget about those beautiful fantasies that we had in our youth. I am here to tell you that your dreams can still become a reality; what we need to do is play the game we played in the past. Let our imagination run wild, choose exactly what it is that you want, as absurd as it may be, and go with it. Learn to play the game.

How do we play the game you may ask? The first thing that we all have to do is get away from those negative thoughts that we are bombarded with, daily. We need to learn to quiet our minds, we need to train our brain to discard anything negative and train it to realize that only positive thinking will be contemplated. One way that we can learn to choose our thoughts is thru meditation. It is truly easy but it takes a bit of time, belief and dedication; but then again, who does not have ten to twenty minutes per day to work on our mental health? Sit somewhere private, close your eyes, relax and concentrate on your breathing; nothing else. Inhale, exhale, those are the only two words that should be going through your mind at this moment. It is easier said than done, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes and the impact that it will have on your life, will be felt, in due time. Become disciplined about this exercise. Give up TV or social media for a few minutes; trust me when I tell you, Facebook will be there you come back to it.

Analyze your life; be thankful for what you already have; profess gratitude on a daily basis. Think about those dear to you, they are a blessing to your life. It isn’t just about your financial situation that we need to be grateful for, is all the other little things that we have, that cost nothing. Learn with honesty about what makes you happy or angry, what gives you those feelings of happiness, what gives you those feelings of sadness. You don’t have to share this with anybody, even though it helps to air those feelings to the person that you hold closest to your heart, but again, it is not necessary, as long as you are honest with your self. Let go of stupid limitations; we all have them.

We were all born with the God given right to be happy, healthy and prosperous; somewhere along our way, we lost our focus and the drive to accomplish everything that we always dream t about, and decided to settle for whatever came our way. What will it take to get us back on track? We all have tried it one way, isn]t time that we wake up and realize it is not working? that another way has to be at least tried. The one thing we all need to do is keep our dreams alive; never give up.

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