Alicia’s Life Struggle

Hello, Alicia here

I am a Mother of two and Grandmother to four tiny persons and I could not be happier.

Thanks to my husband’s job, we have moved countless of time and met countless of people.

As we got to know some of these folks that we were interacting with, their struggle always caught my attention; all these people living paycheck to paycheck; this inspired me and motivated me to make an attempt to help others.


I was one of those lucky few that grew up with a very supporting family, we tackled everything together and we were able to talk to each about anything. Once I got married, I was lucky enough to marry someone that was supportive and an excellent provider. He retired in 2005 from the corporate world and started his own construction company; we all know what happen in 2008/09 with the real estate industry, long story short, we lost everything. To make matters worse, my husband was shot in 2009 while trying to salvage part of the company. In 2013 He was diagnosed with a Vestibular schwannoma, a brain tumor, which was benign, thank the Lord. Everything that we take for granted, He had to learn all over again, like walking, shaving, bathing, it was tough. After going thru all these struggles, we made a financial recovery after many sleepless night. Our kids turned out to be excellent husbands and Fathers. As I said before, I could not be happier.


After going thru all the problems that we had to face, and learning a bit about self improvement; I learned that the only limits we have in this life, are those that we put on ourselves. We can achieve anything with the correct mind set. I started this business with the idea in mind to make the life of others as lucky as mine.

We were all put into this world to be abundant, not to struggle; unfortunately, during childhood we are taught that we are born into a certain world and it is very hard to escape it. My Father was a nine to five, his Father was the same, everyone in the family, did well but again, with a nine to five. This is preconditioning that is imprinted on our minds since the early years that we are alive. We grow up with those beliefs in mind, and it seems that we never get out of that vicious circle.

We want to provide opportunities to those that would like to get out of the routine and try something new.


We would like to be able to guide those that show interest in achieving a better future.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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