Your God like Powers

The abilities we have, like imagination, intuition, and the power to see things from different angles, are like superpowers that set us apart from other creatures on Earth. They give us the potential to achieve amazing things. But if we don’t use these ‘God-like’ powers to their full extent, it’s like having a superpower and never using it. That’s where the danger comes in.

First, when we don’t tap into our imagination, we miss out on creating new ideas, art, and innovations that could make the world a better place. Our intuition helps us make good decisions, but if we ignore it, we might make bad choices that lead to problems. And without perspective, we might become narrow-minded and fail to understand different points of view. This can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. So, not using these ‘God-like’ powers not only limits our potential but can also create a lot of problems in our lives and in the world. It’s like having a superpower but never saving the day.

Isn’t time that we all take a leap of faith and start to trust what others have done to pave our way. Keep in mind that the more we have, the better we can help others, and this, above anything else, should be our goal, Helping others. What is holding you back?

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