You Have a Choice

The human mind is nothing shy of amazing; it can give and can also take away; in order to be on the receiving end, we first need to make the choice that we are in control of our minds and not the other way around. Do you believe even for one second that you have reached your potential? or that we were put on earth with certain limitations? That others are more capable than us or that they are luckier than us? All of that is nonsense, we all have the same creative qualities; the only difference between human beings is in that we all have different creative abilities; it all depends on your upbringing and what is been that we grew up with. Some of us are good with computers, others are good with machines, others are good at a laboratory, etc and etc; the main point is that we have all been empowered to take charge of our lives and able to carve out our own destiny. There is no person walking the face of the earth that has more abilities or luck as some may call it; we are all walking around with this divine power of creation. Keep in mind where we stand at the moment as the human race; it wasn’t too long ago that the program Star Trek could transport us onto the future that we are now living. The human mind was able to create everything that we now have at our disposal; from computers, to cell phones, to electric self driving cars; it all it took was someone with an idea and passionate desire to make it happen. Again, we all have that same ability.


This, just like most of other things in someone’s life, it is just a state of mind. How many times have you told yourself or a loved one, that you could not afford certain items; no ifs, and or buts, simply we cannot afford it so let’s just drop it. So, not only does that comment work on the mind of the person saying it, but also on the person that is on the receiving end or hearing it; again, the mind is amazing; your life will be shaped by your beliefs and your thoughts. There is no two ways about it, we are what we think about. We attract what we think about. If your thoughts is of lack, the universe will comply and bring you more of what you think about. The more we think this way, the more of it we get, the more we worry, and we become part of this vicious circle that we call life. We are like the hamster on the wheel, just walking on it not realize that this will not take us anywhere. We have to learn to think differently; many would say, how can i think positively when i am looking at all those bills that We cannot afford to pay? Consider this, will the bills disappear just because you keep if thinking and worrying about them? of course not, we can only get more of the same. What if we could start thinking about checks coming in the mail instead of bills; can we perhaps learn to play a game with ourselves? just a game. Start imagining the life you would lead if more funds were available; think about the happiness it would bring to you and your close ones. Create a different life in your mind, and sustain it. For Pete’s sake man, it’s free. There is not difference to you if instead of worrying so much, you would start enjoying your day and keeping that vision of abundance ever present. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real vs what is imagined. If abundance in every part of your life is all you think about, those thoughts will start to permeate into your subconscious mind, where is where all the magic happens.

Create that Vision

Something easy to do to be able to maintain that imaginary life style, is a vision board. Look on your computer for the house, car, watch, vacation that you like to have, and print a picture of it; place those pictures in a board and hang it in your favorite place, where you spend most of thee time when you are at home, and will have no choice but to look at your board as long as you are home. When you go to sleep, express gratitude(big deal) for the things you already have and for the family and friends that surround you; go to sleep with that positive mind set; eventually all of this will become a habit, which eventually will become reality. One of strongest powers is that one of imagination; it combined with perseverance will make you or anyone an unstoppable power. Every day should start with a “thank You” for allowing me to be alive another day, and with the thought that “today is going to be a great day”. You leave the house with the attitude, and watch how good things start happening to you. You will never know where the next blessing is coming, just be sure that you know that it is coming. With the right mindset, a person cannot help but succeed. Remember, change your thoughts, change your life. Do not dare to sit idle on the sidelines and watch life pass your by.

Money will Match your Mindset

We need to start thinking bigger than yourself and what it is that you want, start releasing those limitations that have been blocking money from coming your way. We all have our low points or our own personal crisis of faith; persistence is the ability to maintain your actions and outlook regardless of your feelings. Follow the lead of intuition and it will show you how to discern your true path. Change your behavior towards money, it is just a tool that is used to gain the things that you want; money is nothing else than that; start treating it as such. Start giving without any expectations; money was not designed to be put away, it does not grow if not put into action. The more you give the more it will come back; without going into more debt, give yourself those little things that have always eluded you for thinking it could not be afforded. Remember, our time on this planet is relatively short, enjoy yourself now, because tomorrow is not assured. Again, the best way to see yourself out of the life of lacking, is for you to start living life as if whatever you want, you already have in your possession. Learn to live to the life of make believe, and eventually those dreams will become reality. That is the Law. Ask and you shall receive.

Think Prosperity

We realize that we keep writing basically about the same think all the time, but we think that if we are able to change a person’s mind, the effort of redundancy has been achieved and is well worth it. We have to believe we were born to have a life of prosperity. By saying to yourself, I have no money, I don’t see an end to this, the battle has been already lost. The Law is that for every reaction, there is a reaction; it all depends on the mindset what that reaction may be. If you are thinking abundance and prosperity, it is guaranteed that is what you’ll get; you already know the other side of this coin. If you are aware of what may happen if you thinking, is not correct, why not make the effort to follow some simple instructions? If the possibility to change your life is there, why not start thinking positively, regardless of what life may throw at you? That is the key, if lemons are giving, then lemonade it is. Capishe?

The Steps to Follow

Start living your life with the beliefs there is nothing you cannot accomplish is this life. Your inner reality will determine what your outer reality will be like. Your consciousness of how things, work will determine your future. If you are always thinking about good health, guess what? that is exactly what you will attract, the same things with wealth; if your mind is always seeking better ways to improve your present situation and express deep and honest belief, guess what? that is exactly what you will attract. Do not let thoughts of envy, criticism, or hate enter your mind, and they if do, learn to recognized them and boot them out of your mind immediately. Allow no bad thinking to enter. Do not hurt yourself by doing that, learn that feeling happy and thinking positive will make you a better person, a person others enjoy being around, a person others as well as yourself, will be proud of. Learn to provide yourself with peace of mind, happiness and joy. Learn to forgive yourself and move on. Live and enjoy your life. You can rise to overcome any circumstances.

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