When Did You Give Up???

It seems to me that most of the world’s population has given up on every dream they ever had; in some countries it truly is hard to achieve most goals, but in the United States, everything is possible. We live in the best country in the world, regardless of what some haters may say. Just look at the amount of people that are literally dying to come into our country.

There is no other place like it; this is the only country which allows anyone, regardless of background, race, religion and whatever other nonsense we use as limiting belief, to achieve all goals and dreams. With that in mind, when did you give up on your goals? All those things that you dream t about becoming when you were a child or as you grew up; do you remember them? It really was not that long ago; when we think we become.

Do you even remotely realize the type of power that has been bestowed in every single person? Get rid of any doubts about yourself; disregard what others think about you, you are the only one that truly know who you are. Get those dreams back, start taking action about them. Realize in your mind that you are destined for a great life, not for lack or suffering; think about how your life would change if you achieve even half of your goals; what can you do for your family? how much time would you have to raise and enjoy your kids? Most of us will spend most of our lives trying to provide a better life for them, but realizing deep in us, that a JOB will never make anything better; it will help you survive, and you will help others become what they dream. What about you? Who is going to take care of you? Start looking for the answer within you; there is no one that will come to your rescue.

The answer to everything is within you; I am not trying to sound redundant, but there has to be a way to make you understand that we are all equipped with the tools to create the life that we deserve. It is your responsibility to become the main start of this movie that we call life. Take notice that as a movie, life is short, that before we know, it will be over, and the only thing some of us will have, is regret; regret for knowing that could have done better but we CHOSE not to.

Just because mistakes have been made in the past, does NOT mean that we should give up; falling down should just make you stronger when getting up. because we have no choice but to get up and try again and again; You will never fail at anything if you keep going, you will only fail when you give up. I guaranty that if you take a look at the decisions that were made the past year, the new decisions that are being made, are being influenced by the past ones; which is a mistake, we should never make a decision with fear or doubt in our heart. Always with the belief that you will succeed; those that believe in themselves, succeed.

The main question we can ask ourselves is, what are we doing about our present concerns? Are we giving up due to past failures? NO, NO, NO; we should just come back stronger and take more steady steps to accomplish your desires. See what you want, believe in yourself, have faith, think of nothing else other than your goals, start meditating, and watch a bunch of doors open for you. NEVER give up. Go for it. You can do it.

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