What’s Your Excuse?

Are you a Master Excuse Maker?

Can you imagine if instead of creating excuses, you would use your imagination to create something to help solve a problem for others? Can you picture that? That is what it takes to become part of the top 5%; using the gifts that God gave you to benefit the population, not for you invent something to get out of either work or keep you from doing something you are not too sure about.

Imagine if you had firm, clear goals and were able to just “let go”. With your goals in mind, you will not become emotionally involved in achieving them, therefore able to watch the results calmly and experience the process; By doing so, concentration is best achieved, as it becomes learning at its highest speed; the process is an incredible one, the most important thing is to experience it. Do not intellectualize it. See what it feels like to ask yourself to do something and let it happen without any conscious trying. The more you let yourself perform free of control, the more confidence you tend you gain in the beautiful mechanism that is the human body. The more you trust it, the more capable it seems to become.

Remember that truly good things start to happen when you just “let go”, allow yourself to relax and watch wonderful things start to unfold.

What’s Your Excuse?

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