What’s Your Excuse?

Are you afraid of failure?

The fear of failure, another irrational fear that humans have, is experienced by most people one way or another. Remember, failure is nothing but a stepping stone for achievement.

Rising from failure is a sign of progress. The fear you experience in certain situations, may have developed in your early years, where embarrassment may have been experienced due to failure; if your self perception depends on how others see you, then you are for sure on a path to failure. Ignore what others think about you, it does not matter.

Fear of failure is self limiting and causes severe stress and anxiety; Learn what you are afraid of, and start attacking this feelings with small successes or improvements-one step at the time. Enjoy the process of improving and also begin to celebrate your failures, since every time you fail means you getting closer to your goal.

Face your demons, go past them and move forward. Whatever your fear may be, break it down into manageable portions, and realize the decision process will set you up for success.

What is your Excuse?

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