What’s Your Excuse?

Don’t have a Vision?

Visualization is one of the perks of humans-Most of us do not use this gift properly.

Realize who you are – It’s time to go for it. Think about who is counting on you. Imagine you are playing a sport and COMPETE. A lot of us have lost our competitive edge-get it back.

What is it about the unknown that makes us so afraid? Need to get out of the comfort zone, stop being so average; Get yourself in beast mode and watch your life start to change.

Get your dreams in order; Take the to write down everything that is going to take to make those dreams a reality; create a passion, a passion that will automatically drive you. Live the dream, eat the dream, dream the dream, feel it, see it when is not tangible, be possess by the dream.

Make that mental leap; even when you have setbacks, let the setbacks motivate you. On a daily basis, look at your dream and say “it’s possible”, it will help you change your belief system. Start operating from your imagination and visualization; make your self realize that whatever dreams you have, other people have accomplished them; if they can do it, so can you-It’s possible. Get rid of whatever is hindering from developing your greatness.

What’s Your Excuse?

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