What’s Next for You

Have you thought about it?

Realize who you are

If you are a bit like me, then you probably have no clue what is in store for the future; I always thought my life would stay the same, always hoping, always wishing, but not doing anything about it. Looking at some folks that were successful and wondering what do they have or know that I don’t? Amazingly, it was never what they knew, but it was always the mindset; their dreams and how focused they were in achieving their goals. The saddest part of our lives, will be to reach a certain age and realize we truly have not lived our lives the way life was designed to be lived. Our own fears and beliefs held us back throughout the years; hoping and wishing without proper action will lead nowhere; the combination of faith, belief, focus and action is the key to success. Words can only represent action, ideas and experiences; language is not the action and at best, words can only hint at subtlety and complexity contained in your brain. If we let ourselves lose touch with the ability to feel our actions, we can seriously compromise our access to our natural learning process and our potential to perform; again, words without action, are exactly that, mere words.

Enough Information

Have you ever heard the saying ” fake it till you make it”? You have probably read, watched and listened to many gurus talking about your niche, but please keep in mind that too many verbal instructions will sometimes interfere with one’s natural ability. That is why when verbal instructions are given to five different people, you will have five different meanings. There is not substitute for learning from experience. Some of us have been stuck in a rut for so long that, we will need to learn how to feel again and learn how to learn again. The best way is to have technical knowledge that hints towards your desired destination, then acquire the rest of the needed knowledge through trial and error from your own experiences, thus :fake it till you make it:.

Feel Your Way to Success

What I mean by this is to trust your instincts, your intuition; take the game of pool as an example, if lessons are taken, you will be taught stance, grip, stroke, aiming techniques and so on, but not only until you develop your own feel for the game, will all those instructions come together. You have to go for it with what you already know and learn to feel your way to a successful game; trust your instincts, they will be your most trustworthy guide to achieving your goals. At the beginning of your journey, do not be judgmental or become too concerned about the results, not until you get a feel for the task as a whole; not until then, would you focus on the specifics and allow them to refine themselves. Once you have that feel, allow your own techniques and personality to produce effective results.

Follow Through

This is critical; define your goals, create a plan of action and follow through; do not let anyone make you deviate from your path; if the folks on your social circle say you cannot do it, change the circle; all they meant to say is that, they could not do it. Change them, you do not need any more negativity in your life. Follow the techniques already learned as a guidance to explore your own experiences; if you do, you cannot help but learn in a natural and effective manner Besides the fact that we all have to learn as individuals, it is also obvious that one size does not fit all, we all have to learn and become better at our own pace, doing what is best for us, as individuals.

What to do Next

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing will determine the steps to follow. Everything you do, must be done from the heart. There always things that we excel at, not sure why, but we enjoy doing them and also showing others how to do them; this is what needs to be exploited; learn as much as you can, adopt those learning to your own style, and with the internet the way it is at this day and age, it will be easy to start creating content that teaches others. That is how you become a success, showing and teaching others. People will pay for your information if they feel you are honest and genuine. Again, whatever it is that you like to do, do it from the heart; make it your goal to help others, your rewards cannot help but to eventually show. Remember, the wisdom of building inner stability in such times, is an obvious requirement for successful living. Happy Hunting.

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