What’s Holding You Back?

We all have our hidden demons lingering in our minds; do you know yours? Why the lack of confidence? why the fear of others? Why do you think others are better than you? why are you afraid of success? or is it failure? We all have our own why’s; but the honest truth is that all the above are made up by our own insecurities. There is nothing that holds you back except your own way of thinking. Don’t you think is time to realize that we are all created equal? The difference between people that have vs the have not, is the hunger that some have, compared to others. Those that do, are fearless and relentless on their pursuit of happiness, the rest, are just left behind. We all have rejected opportunities because of that strong fear of failure that some of us have. Keep in mind that opportunities do not knock our doors daily, when they do, we must make the most of them.


Stop letting others dictate what you can or cannot do, the opinion of others should not be a deciding factor on your life. People will always have an opinion about what others should do, most of them will share their negative opinion based on their reality, not yours. So stay away from those that know everything. You do not need permission from others on anything that has to do with your and your family’s future. Start by changing those questions that we all ask ourselves: can I do it? Will it work for me? Do I know enough to get it done? Believe or not, most of us at one time or another, asked these questions concerning our own ability. The only way to know if you can do anything is by actually doing and learning the process; will you make mistakes, absolutely; but this can only make you stronger and more knowledgeable. Instead, start asking the right questions, how will I make this happen? what is my next step? who do I need to partner up with? who do I learn from? These questions will not only produce real results, but will maintain the high level of motivation the go getters have. Remember the right time is now, not later. Do not ask for permission, just take action and be patient with yourself. Like they say, Rome was not built in one day. Always keep in mind, that persistence more than talent, will get you to your goal.

You DON’T Have to Do it Alone

Those people that surround on a daily basis, and I don’t mean your coworkers, but your family; they are the pillars that will help you support your trek, where ever it may lead you, realize that you are not alone. The main purpose of you wanting to achieve great results, should always be to help your loved ones; once you start doing for others and not just you, everything will begin to take a new shape. Will you give your life for those that you love? of course, you would, so getting you out of the comfort zone to provide for those you love, should be a breeze; don’t you agree? Just take a moment and realize that whatever you have been doing, has not truly worked the way you expected it. The promotion has not come, the raise you expected barely made a difference on your paycheck after the deductions; you have given it ample try but with poor results; time to wake up and start doing something else. We are not suggesting that anyone quits their job and try something new; what we are saying is to learn how to use your free time positively; reduce the amount of time you spend doing things that are not benefiting you and yours. Learn to manage your time properly; we don’t have too much of it, and would hate for anyone to realize how much of it we spend on mundane things. Instead of either cultivating our minds or spending more time with family. Again, you are not alone, so don’t try to do it alone, just pick those that will elevate you and not bring you down.


Your mind is your greates ally, but it could be your worse enemy if you don’t take the time to train it properly. Read, meditate, exercise; just build good habits, those will shape your future. Learn to distinguish good and bad thoughts; learn how to change your mood when those bad thoughts begin yo appear. Start all this by simply, believing in yourself. You are the best thing that ever happened to you. Understand? You were given the power of creation, all you have to do is understand it and begin to use it. There is no one that will do it for you, always keep that in mind. On a daily basis before leaving the house, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “damm you are good-looking”, and “today is going to be a wonderful day”. Always leave the house on a positive note; Love yourself; if you don’t, it will be very hard for others to do it.


Does not matter what others around you are doing, if you are doing it, it has to be done to one hundred percent capacity, because it is you doing it; because you have the high self pride that nobody can change; because you know you want to rise above the rest by always demonstrating strong work ethic. Because you are YOU!!. A strong person, with a strong commitment to persevere and to do your best at all times; it is in your heart. You do not excel in what you do to show others, but to show yourself, since you are your worst critic. You have strong integrity, you are honest, you have discipline, you respect yourself and others, you are fair and accountable. This is what having ethics means. All of the traits that you have.


We all read somewhere, that we have the right to pursue happiness; this must come from within and not from material things. In order to be happy, you have to be in tune with your inner self. You have to be satisfied with who you are; believe or not, it is not as easy and it sounds; accepting yourself means that you are proud of your successes and your failures, the whole enchilada that makes you. Happiness is a choice, you have to choose on a daily basis to be happy; like the marines, “to be the best that you can be” Be happy my friend.

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