What Do People Want?

The most important, of course, are the essentials, such as food, water, shelter, but beside those, we humans have the necessity to feel safe, to belong and to matter. Without those last three key desires of existence, a person cannot perform, innovate, feel emotionally engaged, agree, move forward.

We want health, wealth, good relationships, success, good progeny and fame. There are the spiritual desires; we desired to know how to remain detached and equanimos under all kinds of circumstances, and mostly we want to be in peace.

Needs Vs Wants

A need is something thought to be a necessity or essential items required for life, example, food, water, shelter. A want is something unnecessary but desired of items which increase the quality of living, example-cars, huge houses, stereos etc.

Fulfilled people know where they want to go in life, and they know how to get there; they never get bogged down in hopelessness that it never happen. They are full of hope for the future and optimistic that with work and prayer will see their plans become reality. The feeling of being fulfilled does not always come easy, which sometimes can lead us to become depressed or hopeless about our future prospects in life.

To achieve the fulfilled way of life that we all want and need, we have to take an honest assessment of ourselves, our goals, and everything that may be important for your life. Think about all those things that make you happy, that give meaning and completion, such as relationships, hobbies, feeling loved and appreciated.

Start with a list of those desire things that make you happy; just take a minute to think about what makes you satisfied with your life, start celebrating your successes, spend time with loved ones, be open to opportunities and personal growth, be mindful and present, be active, both physically and mentally, keep up with your interests and hobbies, give back to others, most importantly show gratitude, be grateful for what you already have, and finally, go after the things you want in heart with all your might.

we want you to be one of those persons that are always cheerful and smiling; they are the ones that rarely complain and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. They are successful yet humble, influential yet compassionate; these people are transparent, what you see is what you get. Keep in mind that living without desires is like living without hope or inspiration. Making choices based on your desires is part of human nature. It is time to turn on that built-in mechanism(intuition) to help guide us towards what we want. It is time to use your PreFrontal Cortex to make the decision to go after your goals and dreams.

Decide what your future is going to look like, take action, and watch the beautiful outcome unfold before your eyes.

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