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Thanks for visiting our site; We developed it with the idea in mind to help others. When I was going to school, I always wanted and sometimes, needed someone to guide me through the lesson of the day; To make the teachings clearer and easier to understand. This is our purpose with this site, to guide, teach and show the ropes to making money online.


I cannot say that I have struggled with money all my life; There was always a sufficient amount in the household to meet all the requirements that a Family brings, plus we always had a bit extra to purchase the toys, classes, sports, whatever was the trend for the Youth at the particular moment. We were always able to provide more that what was actually needed for our kids, and at the same time, we would help others that were less fortunate. Our house was always full of kids that were enjoying all the perks that our kids had. They enjoyed the swimming pool, the pool table, and all the electronic equipment that was available at the time; plus we would barbecue and invite their parents as well. My kids were part of a Karate school, that group became very close, and their favorite hang out was my house.

With all that being said, anyone can realize that I have been blessed; Of course, not everything has been as Rosie as I paint it; There was a period in our lives that we wondered where our next meal was coming from, we had to break open the piggy banks and count pennies to buy milk for the kids; whatever the struggle that we were facing, thank the Lord, never affected the kids, as far as they were concerned all was just peachy. With faith, a plan and hard work, we were able to overcome those hard times.

I know there are many people with a similar story or much worse than ours, that have hopes and dreams but with almost no chance to be able to materialize those hopes and dreams. We would like to provide the information needed for them to at least have a fighting chance.

Pay It Forward

There isn’t much that is needed by me and my family, Thank the Lord, we are just fine; but now it is our turn to help those that need help; If we can find the best programs, tactics, processes and share them in a way that anyone can use them, our needs will be more than satisfied. Most of the world’s population are in some sort of financial need. Amazingly, it is a small percentage of people that actually get to rule the rest; I say rule, because those elites are the ones that determine what everybody else will earn, they decide how the rest of the population will live. It is this way now and it has been like this for as long as we know, a few ruling above the masses.

If we could just for a second make others realize their dreams can be accomplished as well; all anyone needs to do is make a decision, set goals and take action; it truly is that simple. But those that want to get better must be passionate about what they want and their goals have to be SMART.

  • S-Specific
  • M-Measurable
  • A-Attainable
  • R-Relevant
  • T-Timely

We don’t want sound as a cliché by no means, but these steps apply to everything in life, if taken seriously.


Making money online is at the easiest stage ever; everything that we spend, it one way or another uses the internet; whether is a purchase at the store (POS) or ordering items from anywhere. There is truly no need to have human interaction, if not desired; everything can be ordered online, to include groceries; place an order and it will be brought to your house or brought to your car at the store. It is an amazing time for everyone, the internet has created opportunities not seen before.

Our goal is to do the leg work as far as researching the easiest and best method to earn extra income with a few clicks on computer. We are finding, based on our niche, the better and more advantageous programs to secure other sources of income for anybody that wants it.

We will only endorse those companies that pay well, and that their product is solving some sort of problem for the users. This way is a win win situation for everyone; some will make money by providing a service or a product that solves the dilemma faced by others.

I will use Wealthy Affiliates as an example; this is the perfect website for anyone that has made that decision, to achieve their dreams. It is easy to use, the training is fantastic, the people involved are great and supportive; with perseverance and dedication, anyone can succeed at WA.

All the best,


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