Trust Your Gut

Intuition is one of the most important abilities that we have to help us navigate this world. Our emotions and feelings might not only be important in our intuitive ability to make good decisions but may actually be essential. Often times there is absolutely no way to analyze every option or alternatives available to you, so we need to rely on our judgment or gut feeling. Your mind continuously processes information that you are not consciously aware of, not only when sleep and dreaming, but also when you are awake. This is why we experience a certain sensation when you learn something you already knew. Have you ever had that feeling in your gut, throat, skin, that feeling of millions of ants walking inside your stomach? that is your complex nervous system sending you messages. Imagine that feeling when seeing a beautiful work of art for the first time, like goosebumps.

Pay close attention to those feelings since this is your body’s way to try to keep you from getting hurt. Specially when it comes to relationship or business decisions, learn to trust the “hunches” your body sends you. You are honoring your internal guidance system. This is usually a feeling of deep down knowing. This system always has your best interest at heart. It knows the way through the fog and out into the sunshine. To learn to get in touch with your inner voice, we shloud

  • Create space in your life and schedule some time alone.
  • Practice deep listening.
  • Do no neglect self care.
  • Try Journaling in the morning.
  • Develop boundaries.
  • Learn about intuition.
  • Get curious about fleeting moments of insight.
  • Mind your physical and mental health.
  • Open your heart space energy.

The way to cultivate more wisdom is through experimental and experience rather than study. As they say, you cannot transcend the mind by thinking; you can only go beyond your mind by stepping outside of it. Try to quiet the mind altogether; then focus on your impressions or gut feelings. Listen to the voices and identify which comments are consistent with your impressions or gut feelings. That’s your inner voice. Remember this, if you are feeling anxious, insecure, tense from the thought, it’s most likely you are being guided by your ego; If you are feeling uplifted and like the idea is coming from a loving authentic place, that’s your intuition.

Always pay attention to the feeling behind the thought and let it guide your next move. Learn to control your feelings and thoughts by focusing on what you want and not the things you don’t have. Visualize, get a vision board, show gratitude daily, keep a worry list and kill negative self talk.

Trust your gut to help you realize your. Choose to take back control, work on training your mind, so you can create the life you want.

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