So, You Want to be Rich

The most painful thing in life is to realize you are an underachiever; sad to say, most of us know in our hearts that we have a lot more to offer. To succeed is part of your natural instinct; in reality, all it takes is a plan and the will to succeed. It is truly that simple; of course the haters will tell you different and do everything possible to kill your dreams; since the haters have not been able to achieve results in their goals, they want you to stay at their level. Remember, we all have a journey to fight through, you need to fight for yours, do not let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve what you have set out to do. It is just not true. You can achieve whatever you want in this world; the wheel has already been invented, all you have to do is find the one of your choice and one that you like, find a way to make it better, more useful. Help others and eventually you will help yourself.

Steps to Take

The most important step to take in any endeavor that you take, is to believe in yourself. I understand that you’ve heard this before, but it is as true now as it was in the past. There is no one in this world like you; think about it, this means that you are unique. There are billions of people on this planet but there is one of you. As such(unique) you have a lot to offer to humanity, perhaps you are not aware at this moment of what it is that you can do, the first step to take in order to find out, is to believe in yourself; this line cannot be said often enough. In order to make a difference in others, you first have to change you, get rid of your negative beliefs, concentrate on how to help others and watch the magic start to happen. It is almost as having the Aladdin lamp in your hands, you rub it, the genie pops up and says: you wish is my command. You have that ability, believe that; the universe is your lamp, start rubbing it with the strong conviction that all your wishes will come true, regardless of how big you have dared to dream, go to sleep with your dreams and wake up to them, never give up, you must be resilient; that is the problem that most humans face, we give up too easily, nothing worthwhile comes easy and overnight; we all have to work for what it is that we want. Stay focused, do not waiver, do not tire, do not despair, stay on point regardless of the obstacles you may encounter. Again, believe in yourself.

Listen to your Instinct

When talking to those that form your social circle, learn to pay attention to what they say, if their conversation is not uplifting, it is time to find those that will food for your mind. There are millions of us that have a dream but are not sure how to make it happen, helping those will give you an extreme sense of satisfaction, helping others will give you that sense of accomplishment that very few gets to feel. We all have a purpose in life, sad to say, most of us wander this earth aimlessly, without being able to find our gift; that is the reason why coaches and people that guide others are so successful. It is OK to ask for help, as a matter of fact, enlisting the help of a guru to guide you towards your goals is recommended. This website does not provide that type of service, just to be clear, what we do is try to create doubt on what you are doing at the moment; is there a better way? can i truly have everything I want in life? If we can get others to question themselves, and look for better ways, try to get better informed, realize we were all meant for greatness, then we have done our job. Once you have realized there is a better way to live your life, and start creating your new life; trust your instinct, it will never lead you astray.

Pull the Trigger

Start to build your strong foundation; learn who you truly are. Once you realize that you are wonderful, loving, caring and giving person, the projection of yourself to the world will be noticed. The more honest you are too yourself, the more honest you, people will start to see. Be yourself all the time, do not change to try to impress those that we do not need to impress. The only person in your mind to be better than, is yourself. You are the creator of your story, you are the start of your movie, you are able to write your own script; do not waste your time to listen to those that are not looking out for your well being. Once you know how much potential you really have, find the skill set that you were provided with, start trusting and pull the trigger; if there anyone in this life that will not guide you the wrong way, it’s you. Learn to become rich, just do it.

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