Raising Our Standards

Time to Change

Continue improvement-make sure that you understand what it is that you want, and do not measure yourself against anyone but yourself, take action. Time to start thinking about alternatives, if what you do for a living does not provide with self-satisfaction, if you do not love what you do for a living, chances are, it will never make you wealthy. When we, raise our standards we begin to have healthy level of self-respect. Need to set higher expectations of yourself. Take inspiration from higher mentors or from those in your field that have made it.

Look Up

Get clear with yourself about what it is that you want out of life; believe it or not, most of us spend most our entire life without a definite purpose. We let life happen to us instead of creating it. Are you in this category? Do you know exactly what you want? Assess your reality-use your present reality to help you realize what your desired reality should be, and start to make it happen. Your vision should always point up, from where you are at the moment. Start by spending time only on the things you enjoy and enjoying those activities with people you truly like, people that uplift and share your dreams. Get to know yourself and learn to forgive yourself. This is an extremely important step, if there is anything in your past that you may be ashamed of or regret that it happened, forgive yourself and move on.

Start by Wanting Better Things

We need to improve our quality of living by learning to want better things. Your standards determine the lower level of what is acceptable to you. We are willing to bet that your standards are set lower than what you are able to achieve. BY watching our parents and relatives we tend to develop an image of where and how we should live our lives; these feelings are engraved in you subconscious mind, so we act without much thought. We urge everyone to wake up from this nightmare, there is nothing that says your past will predict your future; your beliefs and standards will decide what your future holds. Look we know that money by itself will not bring true happiness, but most of us already have the people that love us and that we love them, think about how much happier you all would be with one or two million dollars in the bank. Think about this constantly, dream about, learn to taste the success, start acting in your mind as if you are already in possession of that amount. Imagination is a great thing, heart to use it properly. If you are like the rest of us, as soon as you try to embark into something new, your mind will start telling in how many ways this is going to go wrong, or chatter in your head about negative things, learn to shut them off. Tell your mind to simply shut up; try it, it works.

How Long Do We Have?

There comes a time in life when give blessings just to be able to wake up another day, nothing else matters. Get your hopes and dreams together NOW; this will expedite everything good that is about to happen to you with the right mindset, just make sure that your HEART and MIND are working together. You have to believe in yourself mentally and instill that passion behind those feelings. As soon as your heart and mind start vibrating in the same frequency, things will begin to change, make sure you are living your dream in your mind daily. Wake with your dreams in your head and say good night with them. Remember that your mind cannot differentiate what is real and what imagined, but if you keep that vision long enough, your mind will start believing it and finally will find a way to make them a reality. Your thoughts become things. Understand we are not saying your will change your financial life by just thinking about change, we are saying that changing your mindset is the beginning of the journey, once your mind is set, the universe will open doors you never new existed; do not spend time worrying about how this change will come about; believe in yourself and change those thinking habits, and as if it were magic, you will start noticing the difference. It is your state of mind that will take you where you want to go; remember, there can not be any doubt, have complete confidence. WE know you’ve heard this before, thoughts become things, it;s that simple. Start your journey towards your new life now, and start living life to its full potential before it’s too late. Just do it.

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