Learn To Dream

What do you do when you get home on a daily basis? I will tell you what you should not be doing, and that is rehashing the events that took place at work; whether good or bad you are actually attracting more of the same. Instead, why not find yourself a quiet place and dedicate a few minutes to your mental health; the best way to relax and kind of forget the daily hassles that we all have, is to sit somewhere quietly and start using your imagination; transport yourself to the place you have always dreamed of going. Sit back, relax and imagine a mirror, make it as big or small as you wish, this is your dream so you can create it anyway shape or form; look into that mirror and start to construct the things that you truly want. The house, the swimming pool, the cars, all the things that you have always wished for; dreaming is free, so try to vividly transport yourself to that place that brings that serenity that we all look for; imagine your family playing by the pool, the blue cloudless sky, the birds flying by and chirping, the dog running in the yard the smoke coming from the grill, perhaps you have the sprinklers going to keep your green grass greener. Use your imagination and live your dream for 10 to 15 minutes; not only will it provide you with relaxation but will also help you to create more details in the dreams you are creating.

If we all take a few minutes from our busy daily lives and dedicate those minutes exclusively for us, things will slowly start to make a turn for the better; the move vivid your dreams are the better and faster things will be manifested for you. It is all about mindset, once you have gotten a clear picture of what it is that you want, and you can actually see it in your mind, the more you do it, the easier it will become to be transported to that joyful place, the more you will start to believe; this is the key, belief. Once you are able to believe, even if is for that short amount of time, your subconscious will start to believe it as well; you have probably read somewhere that your mind (subconscious) cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

The fastest way to achieve anything that we set our minds to, is to believe and to have faith; it does not mean that by doing these things will magically appear; we are not suggesting that, what we are saying is that if the belief and faith are there, the way will be shown to you; somehow doors will begin to open, people will start noticing, somehow things will begin to happen, and then you can take action. What you are doing is creating the life that you want in your mind, once that picture is crystal clear, there is a other way but to somehow make it happen.

I now that this may sound a bit out of whack, but if you analyze yourself, I mean truly analyze yourself, be as honest as possible, remember we are our own worst critics, so make yourself realize that having those negative thoughts have brought you to where you are at; I may be wrong but we all have those thoughts and we all wish we didn’t. This is a way to start changing those thought patters; recognize your worth, now that you are worthy, now that you were created to be happy and abundant. Once all these things are clear in your head, the world will open up, it will be yours for the taking.

Do not be afraid to reach for new heights, there should be no limitation at all when it comes to using your imagination; learn to dream huge; there is no difference between those people that have it all and those that wish they did, it is all the way we think. The rich think they can get richer and poor think they will always be poor. Matter of fact. Regardless of anything, don’t you think that is best to walk around with a positive mindset than the a other way around; this will make you feel happy and that happiness will spread to those you love. Choose your thoughts wisely and JUST DO IT.

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