Learn How to Quiet the Mind

The mind is the most powerful asset that we posses; but sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own, one that we cannot control; it is always talking to us and sometimes we don’t like what it has to say; we wish that we were able to quiet it. Here are some steps to learn how to quiet your overactive brain:

  • Exercize
  • Meditate
  • Make or Create something
  • Declutter your space
  • Read a fiction book

Have you ever gone to bed to just not purposely relive the day? Meditation is one of the quickest tools for finding that inner peace of mind. Remember, your goal of mindfulness is not to suppress thinking but to surpass it. Just become aware and learn to put it to the side for the moment.

The key is how you react to your thoughts; if you focus on your thinking, your mind is like an electric fan, with thoughts blowing everywhere. When you start focusing on your breathing, your thoughts can come and go like clouds. You can look at them, realize they are just thoughts and let them go. You do not have to have an emotional attachment to them. An eight-minute meditation, can have a profound effect on your well being; use these strategies:

Get into a good position: Find a place in your body where you can feel your breath most prominently; perhaps your abdomen, diaphragm or nostrils.

Detach from your thoughts: Number one rule, keep a consistent appointment with your meditation practice; just like brushing your teeth.

Overthinking: is not recognized as a mental disorder all by itself, but research has found it is often associated with other mental conditions, such as depression, anxiety disorders. It can be dangerous to let your mind wander without restraint, since whatever you build on your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. Learn this for once and for all, thoughts become things, choose the good thoughts.

The difference between the have and have not, is that they have learned to how to harness the power of thought to help them achieve their goals.

You are not alone, and you were not born an over thinker. Overthinking is a result of one fact of human existence; we all have patters to our behaviors. These patterns developed over time based on life experiences, can also be unlearned. The key is to identify what is causing your overthinking, and take decisive action to change your mindset.

Why do I overthink?

Often overthinking is a byproduct of anxiety or depression, you may also have realized that overthinking mostly happens when confronted with a tough decision, also when dealing with your own insecurities. Overthinking is not rational, and it is not part of a long strategy, but it can actually interfere with your problem solving abilities.

Let go of the past

Overthinking often focus on the past; expending energy on the “what if’s” and “should have’s”. Those who understand how not to overthink, know that the past is just that. It cannot be changed, the only thing that can be change is the reasoning you give it.

Live the Moment

Living in the moment is a key to learning how to stop overthinking; you can take control of your mind and stop negative emotions on their tracks; also, leaving your comfort zone, will help you control that natural fear and anxiety. Those who are able to leave the comfort zone, may have more emotional mastery than those who stay stuck in routines. What we all need is mental growth, if we are not growing, we are dying. When you develop a growth mindset, you will unlock your inner power. Accept failures and find the lessons; fear of failure is one of the most common fears that hold us back from achieving excellence; do not let failure hold you back, find the lesson and push forward.

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6 thoughts on “Learn How to Quiet the Mind

  • I normally slep very well, but, fot the few times when I haven’t., I realize that stress and over thinking have been the issue. When the person has goals to accomplish and feels a sence of accomplishement as they work throughout the day; sleep seems to be so much easier. If a person is to grow character-wise in life they must be willing to leave their comfort zone and imagine great things happening as they do. All living life has a choice either continue to grow or to begin the process of death. Many people die younger than they should because they have stopped growing!

    1. Hello Toplink,

      You nailed it with your comment, “either continue to grow or begin the process of death”. There are so many of us walking around just waiting for the ultimate fate, that is so sad. We are trying to make people realize their option, and that if that option is not taken, your comment becomes their reality.

      thanks for the comment

  • Learning how to quiet your mind is such an important skill, and I say skill because it can be learned as you’ve mentioned in this article.

    I have a serious problem with letting my mind wander. Sometimes, this is relaxing because I am letting troublesome thoughts go. But other times, it is detrimental because my mind wanders to all sorts of problems or undone tasks, leaving me anxious. This is when I have learned the real value of quieting my mind.

    Meditation, accomplishing tasks, going for a walk, getting out of the house to do something different, and reading are all things I have found helpful for settling my mind. Also, talking things through with a trusted friend can help because they have other, helpful viewpoints. It really depends upon the circumstance as to which method works best at the time. 

    I think the key is letting your mind relax and focus on something specific, even if it’s just your breathing, as you mentioned! I can always circle back around to thinking over what’s been troubling me after I’ve settled my mind.

    Great article!

    1. Hello Carrie,

      our minds can be our strongest ally or our worst enemies. We all need to relax a bit, let go of the garbage and begin to live a little. There is so much out there to be enjoyed but sadly we get boggled down by mundane, temporary set backs.

      thanks for the comment

  • I am so drilled to have found your article. I listen to a lot of eBooks about calming the mind and the subconscious and how to quiet the mind. It is amazing how you can control your mind with meditation. I meditate before I go to sleep and my mind is not chattering when I am trying to go to sleep. I think it is a good idea to meditate before going to sleep because in a sleepy state it sinks into your subconscious and what you are a meditation on actually happens in your life. 


    1. Thanks Ingrid,

      I agree wholeheartedly, the mind is the strongest weapon we have, and if not cultivated our potential cannot be reached.

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