How to Better Yourself

Personal growth is the key to better yourself in all aspects of life. If we are not growing, then we are dying mentally. A conscious decision to better yourself can be empowering and motivating. Growth requires stretching past what you already know. We all know the unknown is scary, but it is the only way you will achieve your goals, reaching past your fears.

Behavior Change

This can be a long process; remember that literally, has taken years to become who you are today; in order to grow, some habits that you have learned need to be unlearned and new and more disciplined habits need to be incorporated in your life. There is no other way; unless you have won the lottery, behavior change is the way to better and more secure future. Even if, only 1% change in behavior is achieved daily. These changes will make you feel in control of yourself. Realizing that you do have the ability to change can and will make you feel more confident about the future. Try starting with something small but gratifying; start by showing gratitude on a daily basis for what you already have; another good habit to develop and it does not take much time, is to start caring for yourself a little better; working out, start dressing better, this will make you feel good about yourself and project those feelings to others. Everyone likes a “feel good” person.

Read More

Find your passion and soak yourself with knowledge; it does not matter what it is you enjoy doing, the more you know about it, the more you can teach others and perhaps benefit financially from it. There is no better feeling than to be rewarded for doing the things we love doing. There are many websites that provide all sorts of books for your reading pleasure; also, use you tube and start listening to what some of these folks have to say on your subject, it will be empowering. Try to learn something new every day, by having access to a computer and the internet, this is 100% doable. Even if it is a fiction novel, it will do wonders for your ability to concentrate. Schedule alone time, this will refresh you; just to be able to get away from everything for a few moments will help you grow.

Meditation and Mindful Breathing

This will do wonders for your mental well-being; sit comfortable and concentrate on your breathing, at the same time blocking out any sort of thoughts. Just relax and enjoy your breathing. It will help you improve your self awareness. Being able to block your negative thoughts will give you that inner peace that we all look for. Start taking daily walks and again, focus on your breathing. A short 15-minute walk will help you decrease negative moods, such as anxiety, fatigue, anger and depression.

Work with a Coach

Find someone that is an expert on your chosen field, not only can he teach you and encourage you, but will help you in achieving your goals. Regardless of what it is you have set out to do, working with someone that offers no negative judgment, will help you improve yourself. It is always good to have someone in your corner in order to achieve your goals. A coach will provide space and structure for the reflection that is necessary for learning and growing. They will help you understand what your values are and where your actions diverge from your values or goals; a coach can open your appetite for learning and growing.

Making a Decision

This is the hardest thing to do; realizing that we all sometimes get stuck in a rut and need the help of someone or something to push us out of the muddy road that we are on. In order to stay healthy physically and mentally, growth is a must. No human being can avoid growth during the early years, but something happens along our journey that makes us stay in a place where is comfortable and we stop yearning for more; this is where all our efforts must be concentrated, we must, somehow avoid this obstacle and continue our trip of growing both, physically and mentally. Always keep changing yourself, do not ever stop.

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