Hey Alicia Here,

I had a unique experience last weekend at the racetrack with some friends when the host of the event pulled me aside and asked:

“What’s your secret to success?”

My response was straightforward:

I just do it.

Interestingly, my lack of action used to be my biggest downfall.

Back in the day, I was the king of procrastination.

I was fully aware that mastering a worthwhile skill could set me up financially for life.

Yet, I stalled.

It wasn’t until I shook myself into action that things began to change…

…I started to just do it.

But let me tell you, diving in headfirst has its price, which I refer to as “dark mode.”

My plunge into “dark mode” was fueled by sheer desperation.

I was scavenging through junkyards, collecting, cleaning, and testing used vehicle parts to sell…anything to stay afloat financially.

“Dark mode” became my radical strategy to recover. The picture below was my “dark office” at that time

For 30 intense days, I:

  • Stayed off social media,
  • Ignored calls and texts,
  • Avoided all unnecessary social interactions.

My focus was purely on reviving my business and I did the bare minimum to keep my body alive.

By the time I resurfaced after 1 month, I was bombarded with 100 missed calls and countless texts.

While some friends were worried, I had vanished or worse, others were offended by my absence.

Once I stabilized my finance, I explained to them:

“I was sorting out my priorities. I couldn’t spare a moment for outings or casual chats. I was fighting to rebuild my life.

I made it clear that anyone who couldn’t respect my journey might need to step aside.

True friends, I believe, would understand and support such tough choices.

To this day, I still enter “dark mode” when I need to innovate and drive new business ventures.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this:

Not everyone will understand what you have to do to build the business of your dreams.

Not everyone will be willing to put up with the sacrifices you make.

But you cannot let that stop you.

Rather, surround yourself with those who resonate with your ambitions and drive.

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You’re never alone.

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…of people who get it and who are willing to do it just like you We’ll see you in the community. Daniel Chou with Nathan Bokkers, Wealth Warriors

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