Does This Sound Like You?

You wake up in a dark room.

It smells like mold.

You stand up to see there is light emitting from a small door.

Only a few hundred meters away.

Confused, and unsure what else to do…

You begin to wander towards the opening.

As you walk you hear thousands of other people begin to stand up.

You’re not alone in this dark room.

And now the others are awake.

Everybody begins to move towards the door.

First slowly.

Then all at once.

People start to run.

You get bumped. Pushed.

Knocked from the side. Pushed from behind. Blocked from the front.

It’s a crowd. A crush.


Eventually, you trip over and hit your forehead hard on the concrete.

You take a deep breath.

Then look up just in time to see the doorway slam shut.

All of the noise disappears.

Everybody lays back down on the floor.

In the dark.

In silence.

Because those who were too slow only have two choices.

Hope that door opens again somehow. By some miracle.


And they promise themselves they won’t be slow this time.

Or just lazily wait to die.

Which one would you choose?

And what would you do if the door was open now?

Because it is.

And I cannot keep it open for much longer.

Be fast:


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