Do you have Self Discipline?

We all need to create habits and exercises to develop a discipline and will power than will make you more successful; sure you can be talented; if you are lucky enough, you were born to the right parents and with a silver spoon, most of us did not, but with the right willpower we can get anything we want, without luck and without special benefits. Keep in mind than your greatest fight is against yourself; if you’re thinking part of the brain did not create so many excuses and obstacles, and just let your subconscious mind take over, just let it do its thing, success would be and could be achieved much sooner than expected. Do not give up or despair, God has many beautiful things in store for you.

Stop Complicating the simple

Simple things can be arduous or quick and easy. Have you ever heard “no, it;s not easy; you have no idea how hard it is”? The truth is than getting from A to Bis a simple process, there are no curve balls in the process itself; it’s just a few steps, than are clearly stated and obvious, so much than you could recite them in your sleep; the curve ball in simple processes are thrown from ourselves. We get stuck in our own insecurities, doubt, mental resistance, overthink, laziness, and the need to get there faster, looking for shortcuts, instead of following the simple process. What makes simple thing difficult is us.


We need to start with procrastination; this is one of our most powerful enemies, it needs to be dealt with, before starting anything. Make yourself a daily list of items needed to accomplish, and stick to it. Do not take breaks until the schedule time; set up a timer for breaks and the time to quit for the day, this truly works. In this process, you are also training a muscle to destroy procrastination. Once you become aware of how much you can produce when focused, it will start to become easier. Mental resistance is another drawback than we come up with; this will trick you into believing the task at hand is harder than what it truly is. Mental resistance exaggerates the expectations and makes them unrealistic, this is a lie created by us, do not fall for this trap. Sticking to a schedule with the help of a timer, will help you realize than any task at hand can be accomplish within your time limits and sometimes with minutes to spare. Stick to your schedule, at the same time you are creating new habits.

Self Discipline

Realize where your struggles are and concentrate on them first. Identify and write down clear goals, visualize the outcome; do not wait for the right moment, the moment is now; start small, get a mentor; practice, fail and start over. The whole thing about self-discipline is just the ability to push yourself forward, stay motivated, and take action regardless of how you are feeling, physically and emotionally; it allows you to stay focused on your goals, to stay in control of yourself, and of your reaction to any situation. Self discipline is like a muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it becomes; on the other hand, lack of self-discipline can lead to feelings of low self-esteem. Self discipline is having the determination to do what needs to done to improve yourself.

Benefits of Self Discipline

  • Feelings of being in control of yourself.
  • Higher rate of goal achievements and success.
  • Overcome addictions and procrastination.
  • Feeling more motivated towards your goals.
  • Higher satisfaction of accomplishment.

Personal Commitment is crucial to remain motivated when you feel like giving up. This is the difference between those than achieve their goals and those than do not. Commitment is taking ownership and responsibility. Self discipline starts with commitment; if you cannot commit to change, no improvement will come. The secret to success and self-improvement lies in a daily routine. As long as you show up and do your task, you will gain confidence and a higher sense of worth. Become committed.

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