Creating an Abundant Life

Why not us?

All human beings were placed on this planet with the abilities to achieve all possible dreams. We all used to dream as kids, play games that required imagination, do you remember your games? I know that I do; we would imagine being in a situation that would provide use the environment needed to be in the game. We were able to visualize the things that we wanted to do and the personas that we wanted to be. We were happy, and in those playing moments we were able to transport ourselves into this world of make believe and be whomever we wanted to be. It was wonderful.

What Happened?

Time and people started to influence our beliefs; we started to put limitation on the things we wanted to do and say, our make believe world started to fade away, started living and dealing only with the things we could see, touch, feel. Smell and hear. Everything began to change, the same way we began to change and adapt to the environment around use. We started to mimic our parents as far as the way they behaved and thought. The dream world was no longer in our lives. We were now getting ready for a life of repetitiveness and lack of abundance, because that is what we saw in our parents and those around use; our teaches were telling use our boundaries, the things accepted by the masses, that if you dared to break those rules, we could become outcasts, strange, isolated; our imagination and visualization powers were being little by little taken away and diminished. After a while, the bleak reality of our lives begins to settle in; we are no longer able or willing to transport ourselves into that other world that could make everything possible.

Time to Regroup 

Keep in mind that we all realize the responsibilities that have been given to us; we know about work, about food on the table, clothes on our backs, bills to pay, kids to raise; we all were slapped in the face with those tasks whether we liked them or not. Sometimes just taking care of those responsibilities is enough to keep most of our time occupied, and have less and less time to dedicate to ourselves; the world is now cruel and insensitive; gone are those playful days that we could say “beam me up Scotty’ and we would be in our imagination transported to another world. Now reality has hit home and soon we will be part of the masses that live to work instead of the other way around. We forgot about the powers that we were born vested with; where did they go? How can I get them back? It is like we were SUPERMAN/WOMAN and someone fed use Kryptonite. The powers just vanished and we are now stuck into this redundancy that does not have an end.

    Reclaim Your Powers

    We are here to tell you, your powers can be reset, you can get them back; all you have to do is realize they are gone and set your mind to get them back. Remember that everything is about mindset, the less you use your brainpower the closer you get to being the robot like people that we see everyday boarding the trains, buses, planes on their way to the 9 to 5. Reclaim the gifts we were born with; begin to dream again, begin to use your imagination and visualization to put and end to the revolving door you find your self in. You can do it; all you have to do is decide and adopt the correct mind set. Begin by realizing that abundance was God’s intention for all of use; start creating serious goals and develop a plan for achieving such goals. Create a vision board, paste your dream car, house, everything you desire on it. Look at it every day and play the game. The people that learn to play the game well, win. They achieve everything they set their minds to. Have you ever considered that one thousand dollars may be a lot of money to some and to others is like a grain of sand. It is all relative, think and dream big, and big things will come to you; do it the other way, and the same results will come to you. We are what we think, choose your thoughts wisely.

    Many Ways to Make it

    In today’s day and age, with all the technology and opportunities to become abundant, no one should be left behind. Whatever it is that we do, helping others should our number one goal. If you help others achieve their desires, it will come back ten folds to you. Help without interest, help without thinking about the rewards, those will automatically come, just help because is the right thing to do. There hundreds and hundreds ways to make money using the internet; If we cannot afford to pay a tutor, guide, coach, there are free programs that teach how to get it done. You Tube is the perfect example; in it we can find any topic and learn that process step by step. But we have to take action; it will never happen if we don’t start changing our mindset. Make the DECISION today. Enough is enough; abundance is your birth right, go get it.

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