Are you Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Believe or not, 48% of Americans are.

The inflation is climbing at record pace, even though wages have also increased, they are not keeping up with inflation. We know that most of the American household have two or three members employed in order to survive. What happens when one of those paychecks does not arrive? The effect will throw the entire budget out of whack. That is to say, if a budget actually exists; most households do not have one. In order to lead a more relax financial life, many changes would have to be made

  • Create and adjust budget
  • Cut expenses, mercilessly.
  • Create Goals.
  • Ditch credit cards.

These and many more changes are needed to remedy that vicious circle that many are in. It is sad to say that basically any emergency will start pointing us to the path of bankruptcy; perhaps we exaggerate, perhaps not.

Start a Side Gig

In order to find some sort of relief, a side gig needs to be look at, something that will pay you for many years to come, if you invest the time and patience. If you have the will power, which many of us do not possess, finding the right side gig, can and will provide the Freedom you deserve. All we have to do, is conduct a bit of research to realize that making a decent living is quickly becoming a thing of the past, if you don’t have your own business or have other sources of income. The Labor Department revealed that the annual price index for final demand is up 9.7%

Start Taking Charge

Start taking charge of your finances, instead of them managing you. Begin looking into alternative solutions, discover new sources of extra income and start to truly enjoy your life. All you need is a vision, a vision so strong, you cannot get those pictures out of your mind; stay consistent and persistent with your desires and watch doors start opening for you, unexpected doors full of opportunities. If you desire is strong enough, you will have no choice but to succeed; Just remember, “the secret of getting ahead, is getting started”.


For every action there is always a reaction, a body in motion is a productive body. Create that positive mind set, which will maintain you energized and on the go. If we have the attitude that, “it’s going to be a great day, it is usually. Feel the gratitude for everything you already have; always give thanks to that supreme being, depending on your beliefs. Be kind to yourself, do not question your abilities or intelligence; YOU ARE AWESOME THE WAY YOU ARE.

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