Are You a Winner?

We all have the potential to be winners, but remember, being a winner is much different from having the potential to win. Every person has unique gifts and those gifts provide the power to accomplish great things, if He or She learns how to use those gifts and channel them in the right direction. We must always remember that we are God’s creation, and as such we were born to win, always keep that in mind, because is the truth and only truth; what you do with this truth is entirely up to you.

You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be, you have to plan to win, then and only then can you expect to win. Get a CLEAR vision on who you want to be and with that in mind create your goals, with those goals you will have a target and with those targets, you will have something solid to measure how you are doing. The clear vision will help you create desire as well;desire is the mother of motivation because that is where your motivation is born.

Keep in mind that the world is dominated by those who can influence people with their vision of the future.

Be a game changer and a creator of things instead of a follower. You have the power within you, use it. Send me a PM to see what am I doing.

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