Affiliate Marketing

It seems that we all are looking for a way to make some extra cash, but most of the times we are not truly committed; we make up excuses about being too tired, having other things to do, and what do we end up doing? Either watching TV or playing those new games that are out; in the meantime, time passes us by; which is the one thing we can never recover.

There are so many people in the same boat that is incredible they don’t actually take the options that are in front of them. Even if we fail at whatever endeavor we choose, we will only end up better than when we started; we will have learned about the mistakes to avoid, so our time is not wasted. Any little thing that we can learn on our long search for wealth, can and will only makes us better. That is one of the main purposes in life, TO GROW.

Everything in this world has been designed to grow and provide their best to help it continues to turn, as it has done for billions of years; what will be your contribution? and not to the world, but to yourself. How can you make yourself better in order to help others? And by others, it could be your family and friends, even though, if we open our hearts to everyone, our lives would be so much easier.

There hasn’t been an easier time to make extra cash that now. Most of us go into Facebook on a daily basis to browse about someone else’s life; we need to learn to mind our business, if we are going to use this application and others like it, let’s use them to better ourselves; if we are going to waste our time on social media, might as well learn about how others have made it to the top. Follow those groups, some of them are truly educational; again, learn to GROW.

It only takes an hour or so to learn how to do affiliate marketing, it is so simple, it is hard to believe that lost of folks are making nice amounts of money with very little time invested; there is not need to quit your JOB and the beginning, but if we dedicate some of our spare time to do research and learn the ins and outs, we will not be able to avoid reaching our goals. But we have to commit, and believe; without these two, do not waste your valuable TV or social media time.

We follow Legendary Marketer, which at this time is the best affiliate marketer choice available to us. It will cost you $7 to qualify this program as being for you or not. The training could not be easier or clearer. The support available is so strong, that we may start to think that we landed among a group of friends, instead of rivals. Ask a question and before the blink of an eye, there will be many answers from people that have done the same thing we are doing. It is refreshing to be part of a group that looks out for one another so much.

We need to decide if the path that we are following at the moment will lead us to the promised land. Where will you be tomorrow if you keep doing the thing you are doing now? Does your job provide you with a better type of future than the %3 to 5 annual increase that most companies give? If not, why not try something that has already been proven by many, that it works. JUST DO IT.

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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Based on the way the world is at this moment, we realized that most families need a side hustle to make ends meet, and with today’s technology, we feel that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best routes to take. It involves earning a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. In order to be able to succeed with these programs, you need to offer more value to your customers and followers. If your are not participating in Affiliate Marketing, perhaps it’s time to consider taking advantage of this extreme lucrative revenue stream.

What is Next?

In order to start working as AM, there are many ideas to choose from, for example:

Niche Topic and Review Site– this entails taking the time to do the research on certain products and provide the review for your audience. You are guiding them towards the better product, thus providing value.

Digital Content– creating niche content that resonates with a target audience. The purpose is to provide your customers with a niche product that they can enjoy.

Courses,Events and Master Mind– as an affiliate these events can be offered and your will profit from the sales.

What Platforms to Use

The most common platforms are:

  • Blogging
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Facebook
  • Pinerest
  • You Tube

Start with a platform that makes your comfortable, not everyone is ready to start creating videos at the beginning, this comes with time; being comfortable will help you convey the message with ease to aid you in creating an audience. Decide your niche and audience. When choosing a niche, pick something that you feel very strong and passionate about, this will make you come across as genuine and trustworthy, which in turn will help your create more sales. There are many ways to create another source of income online, we are just providing your with the information on how to get started and with the basic Affiliate Marketing.

Which Affiliate Program should I choose?

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies to affiliate with, all of whom will be happy to have your as a partner. Remember, your don’t get paid unless there are sales, advertisement is the way to bring customers to potentially have sales, all these companies will be glad to have you advertising for them. In order to be productive as a AM, your need to ask yourself, “How can I serve my audience?”. When there is a choice, people need help to understand their options; they will need someone with a voice and experience to find the best products for them and weed out the bad ones.

Which Program Do We Use?

We have chosen Legendary Marketers promote, simply because of the extensive training provided, the support they provide, and the Facebook community they have. When becoming part of Legendary Marketers, the initial fee will provide will all the needed guidance and support for as long as you need it. The Facebook Community is strong and helpful; whatever question or doubts may arise, all we have to do is reach out to them, within minutes, answers with detailed explanations will be posted. LM is one of the better companies, if not the best, offering this type of service. We have conducted extensive research before deciding to become members. LM wants us to market their products, but also will point to other companies that can be lucrative for their members; their process works regardless of the product being sold. Again, you have to provide value to your customers. In order to promote a product that you believe in, proper research has to be conducted, to best inform your audience. 


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